You may contact the realtor or owner to personally visit the unit in which you are interested.

Prices reflect the square footage, options, upgrades and the view/location of each unit. There are four floor plans.
The Abbey is 1720 sq. feet, Chateau 1920 sq. feet, Villa 1175 sq. feet, and the Canterbury has 1860 sq. feet. (Association fee only $240/month)

2691 B Chateau
Canterbury 2 2 Golf Course Barley Lived In, Upgraded, Golf Course Condo - $359,900 Realtor: Tony Corona, EZ Sales Team Keller Williams, 734,646,4224 Website:
2759 C Canterbury Circle
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Canterbury 2 2 Pond Amazing pond view. Condo nicely upgraded! $329,000
Realtor: Tony Corona, Keller Williams EZ Sales Team, 734-646-4224
2769 B Canterbury Circle
Canterbury 3 2 Pond Pond View Condo A Definite Must See! 315K
Keller Williams EZ Sales, Tony Corona, (734)-646-4224
2820 A Canterbury Drive
Canterbury 3 2 Street Agent: Donna Schoonmaker (419-260-4486)
Sun room, office/bedroom, all appliances stay, two car grage, fireplace, granite counter tops. Listed at $254,900
2840 A Canterbury Circle
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Abbey 2 2 Street Howard Hanna,Donna Schoonmaker,419-260-4486, $232,900
2840 D Canterbury Canterbury 3 2 Street Howard Hanna - The Spero Group,Ken Spero (216-990-9422)
2860 D Canterbury Circle
Abbey 2 2 street Howard Hanna,Donna Schoonmaker,419-260-4486, $260,000
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